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change of office address


How to change your registered office address?

According to Company Ordinance, every Hong Kong company is required to notify the Companies Registry and the Business Registration office in writing of any change in the situation of its registered office.

Step 1—Pass a board resolution

A company is required to pass a board resoltuion to approve the change of registered office.

Step 2—Notify the Companies registry and Business registration office

You should file the notification of change of registered office address to the Companies Registry within 14 days and notify the Business Registration Office in writing within 30 days of the change.

Step 3—Checklist of change of office address
  • Notify customers and clients
  • Notify company's bankers and insurance agencies
  • Notify suppliers, service providers, vendors and government agencies
  • Update the new address on company's stationery (e.g. letterheads, envelope, name card)
  • Update the new address on company's website and email correspondence
  • Arrange auto mail forward from post office
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